Probleme für GQ Tobaccos in England.

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Probleme für GQ Tobaccos in England.

Beitragvon Huub » Sa 3. Sep 2016, 14:22

Glynn Quelch hat unterstehendes geschrieben auf Facebook.

"It looks like all the GQ Blends tobaccos will have to be pulled as a result of the changes in EU/UK tobacco legislation. All altered names and shop blended tobaccos need registering with the UK GOV. With a complete break down of all ingredients used in each constituent tobacco, which will be almost impossible to get out of the suppliers I get my base tobaccos from.

So max of 2 more months of GQ Blends requires manufacturers to inform Member States before placing new or modified products on the
market and notify a range of product information concerning composition, emissions and sales/
marketing data.

....I will basically be classed as manufacture (not a retailer who blends) and the hoops you need to jump through for that are insane

.....When I first started GQ, I wanted to only make tobacco but to do it legally (HMRC approved) you need a lot of money and its just not feasible for a small guy like me.

The fees might only be £250 per blend (plus all the testing costs), then I would need to sell a LOT to make that money back, before I make profit.

But I dunno, I need to have a long think and see what I am going to do"

Ich denke dass es das Ende der excellente GQ Blends ( z.B. Askwith Cake ) ist.
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Re: Probleme für GQ Tobaccos in England.

Beitragvon Rainer » So 11. Sep 2016, 00:43

Hoi Huub & community,

Huub hat geschrieben:Ich denke dass es das Ende der excellente GQ Blends ( z.B. Askwith Cake ) ist.

Und nicht nur das...
Es sieht wohl leider so aus, dass nach "Brexit" nun auch "GQexit" folgt... :o

Folgende Email habe ich heute von Glynn Quelch erhalten:
Sorry that I have had to refund your order. While we have been waiting
on a batch of the Cabbies twist to come, I have had to close down GQ

Exit, over, and out... :?
Die Zahlung für meine nicht erfolgte Tabaklieferung habe ich zurückerstattet bekommen.

God shave the Queen,
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